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The world is falling apart. 6 strangers make their way onto a boat and drift across the ocean as their best chance of survival. Egos clash, sparks fly and food runs out as the battle to survive intensifies. How far will they go to reach safety and what will they have to sacrifice along the way?

This one act musical written for 6 voices and piano explores an imagined future where a nuclear war is just beginning. It examines confinement, displacement and what it means to be alive. With a mostly sung through score full of soaring harmonies, this story will have audiences on the edge of their seat until the very end.

Blue to the Horizon: Text

"Blue to the Horizon is a uniquely ambitious new Australian musical that manages to play it safe with form and dramaturgy but dares to take a huge risk with story and structure – with some truly staggeringly brilliant results.

Blue to the Horizon is a much needed and welcome addition to the new Australian musical lexicon and one that is deserving of investment and praise."

- Gavin Roach, Australian Arts Review

Blue to the Horizon: Image
Blue to the Horizon: Text
Blue to the Horizon: Image


Sarah showcased the opening number as part of Theatre Works' 'Quickies' event. Quickies was an open opportunity for creators to show something from a work in development.

Blue to the Horizon was selected to be involved with the University of Melbourne Music Theatre Association's Sitzprobe showcase. The Sitzprobe supports developing music theatre writers by producing the first 15 - 20 minutes of a selection of new musicals. This was a great opportunity to test the material using actors, musicians and an audience.

Sevenfold Theatre Company produced the debut season of Blue to the Horizon in Footscray, Melbourne.

​Would you like to perform Blue to the Horizon with your own company or theatre group? Get in contact today!

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Blue to the Horizon: Image


From Sevenfold Theatre Company's 2023 production.

Blue to the Horizon: In The Press

July 20, 2023

"The overall premise was something that had never really been done before in musical theatre and it was all the brain child of one Sarah Wynen, who’s writing of the book and score was nothing short of revolutionary and reminiscent of works from literary giants like Arthur Miller and George Orwell, through analogical storytelling that got the audience thinking long after the final line with its overall message."


July 20, 2023

"Sarah Wynen’s writing is nothing short of awe inspiring, taking the well worn post-apocalyptic troupe and reframing the narrative through a musical lens. On paper this idea should not work but with Wynen’s carefully crafted script, grounded language and relatable characters, this script is bafflingly good."


July 20, 2023

"In a show full of life and death situations, romance, betrayal, and starvation, Blue To The Horizon is akin to Lord Of The Flies with a brilliant political kicker at the end. I truly think this show has the best ending I have ever seen and you never see it coming!"

Blue to the Horizon: Video
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