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Adapted from the hit Netflix show

In 2018, Sarah embarked on creating her first musical - an adaptation of the biggest show at the time, Stranger Things. Although this was more a study in writing, and the rights could never be obtained, it was still an incredible learning opportunity that started Sarah's journey of composing musical theatre.

Stranger Things was performed as part of the Greenroom Student Theatre festival in Ballarat in 2018. You can watch and listen to the soundtrack below.

The production featured Emily Jacker-Lawrence, Blake Peiper, Chloe Edwards, Ryan Quinn, Eleanor Barkla, Abbey Bull, Heather Cheney, Patrick Ryan, Nicholas Bell, Rachel Dwyer and Luke Cocciardi.

With special thanks to Jonathon Lawrence, Steven Wynen, Greenroom Performing Arts Society, Courtney Holt, Peter Wynen and Federation University's Arts Academy.

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Making the Music

Making the Music

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