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Through a series of Youtube videos, Sarah attempted to document her process in writing musical theatre, starting with the most outlandish idea she could think of (Robot Pigs) and conjuring it into a 15 minute musical.

Throughout these videos Sarah explored her process of brainstorming ideas, scripting dialogue, improvising melodies and setting them to music, even exploring note input, creating demos and seeking collaborators. She wanted to showcase that any idea can be turned into a musical, and anyone can do it with enough hard work.

The result is a kooky family-friendly story set years into the future - featuring 3 original songs and loads of personality.

"Piggy McPigson is on the brink of his ninth birthday, and all he wants is to fit in. He sets off on a mission to become the first ever flying pig, and puts his life on the line in search of acceptance. Will he find it, or will he push his friends and family further away?"

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